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A workshop that literally stripped away the awkwardness and pushed all the attendees into new creative spaces. Chuy Rodriguez - the "King of Steam" - hosted this gathering of creatives who joined together in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Three photographers came all the way from Europe, Canada and Mexico and the rest of us were spread out across the East to West coast of the US. We got together to learn, explore, create and listen to the wonderful hosts and mentors for the four days we were together.

We had two sets of models, and the first day we scraped the journey to Red Rocks in favor of a few challenges! The first of the challenges was presented as "3 clicks in 2 minutes" - SO MUCH HARDER than you would think. You really had to plan your time with the models - INTENTIONALITY of your images was a big theme of the week!

This was one of my three images from the challenge!

Besides making the most of discussing SEO and editing workflow (literally learned so much from Henry and Will!) there was also an elopement/bridal shoot out, steamy bath and shower session and finally - a trip to the White Sand Dunes National Monument, just a few hours away. There we were able to shoot with the couple in the sand, casual and fun - the 'roll around get messy'' kind of photos!

As the sun went down, the mood changed as did the couple, into a beautiful lace gown and bright blue suit - perfect attire for the golden/blue sunset hour that was absolutely stunning.

Here is a gallery of the Sand Dunes shoot - it was so magically breathtaking!

I have been to several other photography conferences and workshops, and one day would LOVE to host something like a winter wonderland shootout here in the Colorado mountains, with all kinds of talented people shooting with me! I would recommend going to something like this if you are feeling creatively challenged, want to meet people in industry, or just feel like growing as a better human - you will always take something good away from an experience like this if you put something good into it!

Enjoy 💛

VENDORS: Workshop: @chuyphoto @funkyouworkshop Design & Styling: @rainandpines Florals: @sweetandlovelyco Attires: @asos Models: @brooke.couch @sittinonthecouch



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