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Reed & Jon

A room of flowers.

A guitar.

A bottle of rosé.

A candlelit dinner.

A couple madly in love.

An elopement to remember.

The photos below are from a gorgeous Joshua Tree elopement in the spring of 2018 that was dripping with warm tones created by @Maeandco, paired with constant dancing and intimate giggles from the happy couple.

Are you considering eloping? Many people wonder // worry mostly about the affect it will have with relatives and friends who are eager to celebrate your wedding day with you. From a girl who never had the "white wedding" dreams, eloping was an idea that I hadn't considered! It filled my day with magical possibilities for just my husband and I. We were together, married - and still able to make memories and have photos to share with our loved once later in the year at a lakeside party we hosted.

To anyone who wants to know more about elopements, please ask! It may not be for you - but then again - we could have an incredible time making your dreams come true for one magical day with your honey!

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