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Nicole & Ethan

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

So there is a little bit of a backstory before I jump into this post! I attended an amazing workshop with Mae&Co earlier this year, which really inspired me to set up a shoot of my own! You may have seen my first post on my blog, where I collaborated with a sweet photographer from North Carolina - Julie. She is Magnolia & Ember, and you can see the full post filled with local flavor and the stunning scenery of Summit County here! It was a blast, suuuuper cold but a very loving and fun day for Jake, myself, and I think Julie too! Thanks vendors!


My lovely friend Nicole really likes to get dressed up, so it wasn't hard to get her in a flowy dress and have her lay some love on Ethan - the harder part of the equation! He was such a good sport, even enjoying it a bit I think, shhhhh. They met in Florida and have been here in Breckenridge for the past 5 years. We explored some new areas for this shoot - I love doing that with couples! They enjoyed some cold beverages and were the perfect couple for me!

What I wanted to achieve was the secret, gorgeous areas of my backyard haven - from sunny, glowing bridges hovering over the Blue River to sandy and open vistas on a nearby pond. I CRAVE intimate detail shots like fabric and barefeet in the sand, and fresh flowers in bloom.

These two are very passionate souls - I'm excited to share this album and hope you enjoy the images - Cheers!

If you have any inquiries or would like to collaborate, get a hold of me here!

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