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well,  shucks ... some kind of magic brought you to my website and now you want to know more about me!

My family and friends will describe me as

spontaneous and fun-loving.  

(I might say that I'm sassy and introverted)  


The emotion, energy and love that my clients provide to me is infectious  - I want to keep capturing memories,

but more importantly than that,



I'm always down to celebrate with a glass of something after we are finished  (or maybe during *wink*) 

I want to know your LOVE STORY, your dreams, your fears, favorite foods and what book you're reading. 


  • I began shooting film photography when I was a kid.  My step-mother had a drafting table built by my dad for matting her images at home. In college, I took film courses, always had a camera nearby, but utilized it mostly on vacations, landscapes, camping trips and always, for the dog pictures.

  • I was born and raised in rural MAINE. I'm an Aquarius. Now that I call the mountains my home, I love to get lost and hike until I can't get any higher!  I enjoy the ocean, but now beaches are reserved for serious vacations :)​

  • I love plants (mostly succulents) and have so  many at home I give many away every year - ask me what I have available!

  • We live at 10,000 feet in Blue River, Colorado - that means we get snow in September and it just miiiiight melt away by July 4th.

the basics 

currently loving:

CAUSEBOX shipments

shooting winter weddings


preparing for BABY!


gimme all the hats 

 _joylynnphotography_ .jpg
  •  WE ELOPED!  If you have questions regarding this special kind of commitment day, please reach out to me! Ours had ups and downs, for instance, we ate the best French food all day long, and then we had a fire and almost burned our house down!  It was November and it snowed 6" during our photoshoot on a mountain behind our house :)

  • Our 3 dogs are just furry humans - Lily is a rescue shepherd and the 2 corgis are wild little nuggets - their names are Mabel & Ollie.

  • We travel - a LOT!  Besides spending 2 months a year in Arizona, I've lived in Granada, Spain and the longest trip I experienced was trekking in Bhutan and Nepal.  Most recently, Jake and I spent time in Africa.  First, for our honeymoon and again in 2019 for safari.  ​

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