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all the other details

If I want to book you ... ? 

After you inquire and we have found we pair as well as pb & j,   I will send over a proposal for the package we discussed.. You sign, I sign, we say I do!

A 50% deposit will be due within 10 days of accepting your quote, reserving your wedding date in my calendar.  The date remains open to others until the deposit is paid.  The remaining balance is due 45 days before the wedding. 

Can we talk on the phone, meet for coffee, visit the venue together? 

100% YES!  I think it is important to chat on the phone before the event.  if you've gotten this far, you can go click here to see my blog and a bit more about me.  Of course, follow me on Instagram to get to know me better! If you're in the area I'd love to grab a beverage or walk the venue with you, too!

About the price .  .  .  

Money.  That's usually the kicker, amiright?!  You have a LOT of things to pay for, I understand.  I would like to be up front and transparent about the cost from the very beginning.  I am a full-time photographer - gear is expensive, but I want to deliver the best images that I possibly can.  It isn't just the wedding day or at the session that I am working for you.  Many days later I am getting to relive your best moments while I edit away on my computer!  

Don't be afraid to send me your thoughts, budget and requests!

What can we expect from Galleries and Delivery? 

 I do not put a number on how many photos I deliver and most wedding galleries will have 500-1,000 photos. It all depends on how long I am hired for, if you hired a second shooter, etc.  Please confirm that you are comfortable with my style before hiring me  - I want to deliver the best to you!  100% I want you to be upfront about your ideas for the day so that I can put my absolute best into delivering your vision with photographs that take you right back to the moment it all happened.  

I deliver you a personalized Online Gallery with High-Resolution photos. 

No watermarks or logos! You will receive an email from me and have full access to downloading the entire gallery to share or create your own prints.  

I do HIGHLY recommend saving your gallery in several places to prevent loss of data due to any unforeseen circumstance.   I will deliver galleries within

3-5 weeks. I take pride in this as I am usually on the early end of this, and standard photographers in the industry say 8-10 weeks. 

Meredith Austin Photography

Mountains have WEATHER!  How about that...

So true!  If you're up for it, we'll hit the trail running - no need to reschedule for me, I'll try to keep my gear warm and dry if you promise to run through all the puddles and snow drifts!  If you're not comfortable with the forecast, let me know within 36 hours of our shoot to discuss rescheduling without fees. 

Other stuff  that you might not think of right now because you have wedding brain . . .

I'll help! Need help with outfits and locations? I'm there for ya! Want to have me there the night before for the rehearsal?  I'd love to!  Need to see the venue you've chosen but haven't actually visited? I'll FaceTime you through.  I have lots of local vendors that I like to refer and  Little details go a long way when you're planning a wedding - I'd love to help in any way I can.  

Sand Dunes Elopement - MeredithAustinPhotography

Other questions?  Thoughts?  Worries?

I'm an open book. I've shot many weddings now and I think the more that you can express your true self during our time together, the more memorable the photos will be to you!  That makes sense right?  Everyone thinks they will be uncomfortable in front of the camera!!  You and I will develop a rapport that will speak through the images we create

- we both have to stay present and comfortable -

and the end result will be magic!

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