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Stacia & Sage

HOLY MOLY, these two. A few months ago, Stacia emailed me the following:

"We are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary with a trip up to Breck with our dog, Ellie Bean. We’ve never been to Colorado in the summer so we thought this would be the perfect time to try something new. We’re also mildly obsessed with our dog and don’t have any pictures with her so we thought this was the perfect time in a beautiful place!"

SO! They packed up their pup, drove across the country from Oklahoma, enjoyed a fun filled vacation in Summit County, climbed some peaks and enjoyed some brews! We met up on their last night in the high country, explored a magical little spot at 11,000 ft and made some magic for them to remember their 1st anniversary by - thanks again for trusting me & going out on that crazy ledge, lovebirds!

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