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Rachael & Kevin

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Talk about desert dreams......swooooon!

By luck, I was introduced to these babes because of a workshop that I attended (and blogged about here!!) Thanks to a mutual friend Lo, out in Chicago, the three of us had been in touch and were able to hang in the desert at sunset! I was visiting Scottsdale for a quick weekend getaway, we met for my house for a quick glass of wine and drove just down the road to the McDowell Gateway Preserve.

Rachael and Kevin were married nearby this past October, and you can tell they are so comfortable together (they've were together for a number of years before saying vows) It was a lovely introduction to the area for me as a photographer - I plan to be back several times this year so let me know if you'd like to set up a session!

We had a great time watching the horizon change so drastically in a matter of about 30 minutes - I just can't get enough of the saguaro cactus and the swirling colors of the sky! But don't forget - as beautiful as it may look, the desert can be a little prickly if you aren't watching your step 😉


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