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Emily & Heidi

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

First BLOG of 2019 . . . cheers to all that is to come this year! I'll start off with one of my 'never before posted' shoots. Not on #instagram, even!

I did this shoot in a bit of a raw, film, 70's portra style because, well - when one edits photos months after they have been taken, it can just seem otherworldly to go back and recall the details!


Emily and I grew up together in Maine, playing soccer and passing notes in Science Lab. She took off to pursue a career in healthcare as soon as I was out west in Colorado.

Enter Heidi and the insanely gorgeous place known as Bar Harbor. These successful, intriguing, wildly smart and free women fell in love and were married in on the tiny island in Maine almost 5 years ago.

When I was home shooting a wedding for friends last summer, my trip ended with the best day I could've asked for. Long story short, I went on to my plane with salt water still sticky on my skin. As we say in Maine, life is just wicked good.

We had good weather, stopped by the market for fresh sandwiches and raspberry hand pies, grabbed a 6er of pumpkin beer and set off for the Handy Marina. We took the ferry off to the family sailboat, Casuzza, and spent the day on the water enjoying life and the last warmth of the September sun on our skin after the chill of the ocean.

Enjoy the photos below - they make me smile every time I look back on that day!

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