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Nicole & Ethan

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Good friends of mine just tied the knot in gorgeous Vail, Colorado - quite close to where we all live in Breckenridge - and the day couldn't have been more beautiful. These two met, dated for a hot minute, then drove across country together and to nurture their love in the mountains. As it was a very small wedding, as family flew in from around the world - I felt honored to be there. Love you you and E forever, my friend. xx

From the Bride, Nicole:

As a young girl, most of us dream of our wedding day and our future husband, I was no different. My wedding day was everything that I dreamed of! Not only did I have the snow capped mountains, that matches perfectly with our relationship, I had the man that I’ve always wanted. I look back on my wedding day with so much happiness and true love. I can’t picture this day anywhere else or with anyone’s else... cheers, to many years to come!! 

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