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Meredith - an intro

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Hi! I'm just over here sipping kombucha with a corgi snuggled at my feet. Probably listening to record on the turntable or editing with reruns of SYTTD in the background (shh 😉)

So, this is an intro! This first time around on my new blog, I'll just spit some facts out so you get a little idea of me and what I'm all about. *Cue the phone calls from parents saying "Wow, I never knew you got that tattoo on a random couch in Granada."

See more of the uptodate adventures with my hunny over here @isthecoffeeready


loving' a pretty desert rose, Joshua Tree Styled Shoot

> I was born at home in Orrington, Maine.

> Jake is my amazing hubs - my Siri calls him "Jackie Tophat" 😂 🎩

> I attended college in Maine, NH & Spain!

> I have 0 rhythm but love the blues

> Hate: celery and blue cheese

> Love: wine and manchego chz

> Corgis are my spirit animal - Ollie & Mabel are just the best things ever.

> I am prone to losing things (daily)

> My favorite place I've EVER explored was Bhutan

> Second favorite: sunset on the Bird Island, Seychelles - incredible

> Third: Safari in Tanzania!! Blog on this coming soon!

> I did get a tattoo on a couch in Spain, I now have 6 in total.

> I didn't ride a rollercoaster until I was 22 - the old wooden one in San Diego!

> Growing up, I raked blueberries to earn summer spending cash

I'm sure I'll come up with more, but for now - leave a question for me to answer

(That way I know who's reading & also the things I really should be talking about!)

This is going to be a big experiment, me writing a blog. I'm sure that I'll look back in a year it will probably only have this one post -BUT, I'm going to try anyway!

- until next time - enjoy the visuals below -

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