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Jessica & Cory

Savannah photographers who just so happen to be eloping this fall! I met Jess at an event earlier in the year, and was SO lucky to have a trip planned to the south that allowed me to meet her fiancé so we could get some photos of them in the iconic historic district of Savannah. It was my first time to the area, and WOW. I cannot wait to get back there. I learned a few things from Jess right away - like that amazing moss that looks so good hanging from the trees - yes, it is actually full of little bugs so don't go touching it!

We wandered the streets, decided photos in a civil war cemetery probably wasn't going to be romantic! We ended up on a side street - walking down the row of homes that had amazing staircases that seemed to go on for miles. These two were just so. darn. cute. They shoot weddings together, both just graduated from college the week after I left, AND Jessica has an internship this summer shooting for URBN - the parent of Urban Outfitters - how cool!


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